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Bruce [userpic]
I've (Almost) Got A Bed!

I got up early(ish) today, moved the boxes in my room into a set of taller stacks, further away from the center, and set out to the furniture store.

After waiting in the sun for 20 minutes for a guy who was going to be out back "in a minute", I got some help and got part of the bed in the truck - specifically, the two pedestals. That just leaves the headboard, the base fascia, and the platform itself.

The major downside is that the drawers don't detach. Meaning that each pedestal is not only huge, but heavy. timenchanter and I wrestled one of them through the maze that is our apartment into my room (The central area connecting the two rooms, bathroom, and living room is a very odd shape), then gave up and just left the other one in the living room.

Because we were late. Actually, technically, I was late, but Timmie came along. My parents were buying a 37" plasma TV at Costco, and needed to transport it - and I had the truck. So we made it down there, only, oh, 20 minutes late (I wonder where that time came from?), and started the process.

I actually let the 3 of them do almost all the shopping, because I was feeling a little nauseous, and thought maybe eating a little would help (My last meal had been CCF the day before). Most likely, I managed some minor heatstroke waiting in the back of the store. I certainly ended up kind of "out of it" for the rest of the day.

In any case, we hauled the thing up to the dome, and Timmie whacked some weeds while I set up the TV as best I could. It turns out they're short on cables.

Then a fine dinner, followed by a rush down to the duplex so that Timmie could get ready for his shift at the bar.

He got himself going, while I decided to give up and take some ibuprofen. Except I couldn't find the bottles I'd packed at the HoD. Then remembered I had a bottle in my case. Whose childproof top had come off on its own.

So I dug out a couple of pills, dusted them off as best I could, and downed them. I'm still feeling odd, but at least the pain's gone away.

That's it for right now. I keep on being tempted to try to move the other pedestal into my room, but it's really a two-person job. Much of the tilting not-quite vertical to make it through doorways in order to slide it vertical, then, well - let's just say it's work.

Besides, without the fascia, I'm not even positive which end is the bottom, and which the top.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: groggygroggy
(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I think you're right. I believe it's called "heat."

best get done moving quickly, because we are all waiting for the housewarming invitation....

You should keep a bottle of water with you, that would help tremendously. Though from a personal standpoint, it's difficult to get into the habit.

I keep a case of water in my trunk it stays fairly cool and is always handy!!!!!

Good idea. Of course, my trunk is my tool chest, and is always full.

And I was driving the pickup at the time....

I set up the TV as best I could. It turns out they're short on cables.

what are you missing? I have a plethora of TV type cables that I have somehow collected over the years, you are welcome to them....

Hmmm. Well, they want to do component video, which requires five RCA to RCA cables. Those are easy to come by - in fact they have a bunch.

The problem is that threading the way through their built-in cabinets to the TV requires about 12 feet of cable, which is... rare.

But it you have something like that, I'd be happy to take it off your hands. :-)

damn......not quite that long......

Ain't that the way it goes. Whatever's available is never quite long enough...