Bruce (kor27) wrote,


I seriously have gotten almost nothing done today. The one exception is that I've finally put something up on Craigslist - I'm selling the first set of bookshelves I ever bought, 'cause, well, they don't really fit in my room.

I've even gotten a nibble already.

I was supposed to confront the guy about my bed. It's a little late for that.

I was supposed to deal with an eBay supplier problem. It's kinda late for that, too.

I thought I'd at least try to put up the extra towel bar in the bathroom, except, well, the tools are in my trunk.

And my trunk is at the HoD.

I dunno. This may have something to do with the enormous boil I woke up to find near my armpit today. And I do mean enormous - the damn thing's an inch across, and makes certain arm motions uncomfortable. I suspect a spider bite, and hope it's nothing too serious. I managed to remove a fairly grotesque amount of pus from it, but that didn't change the size much. Otherwise, I've just slathered it in benzoyl peroxide.

So maybe the toxins are having an effect on my energy level, but more likely it's just that I'm being my usual obnoxiously lazy self.

Hopefully I'll manage another HoD run tonight - I need to keep up my one load a day habit. It's scary how much stuff is still in that place.

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