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Monday afternoon's packing didn't happen: timenchanter called and mentioned dinner. Dinner is a priority.

After some food at Baja Fresh, I headed to KoC and an evening of suicide. Monetarily, the night was nothing to write home about. In fact, despite the crowds on Sunday, the sum of Monday and Sunday was lower than average by a bit.

But boy did we have fun. I was pretty "on" with song selections - the number of rejected songs was remarkably low. In fact, it was such a nice night that dwo waxed poetic about it. I really can't add too much, except that one of the short-term visitors was raven2000's brother Vince, who I haven't seen in a while.

He just dropped in, had a beer, and left, but we talked for a little bit.

I ran for 12 rounds, then closed down at about 1:45am. After packing up, I headed off to Mini Gourmet for some unwinding, then stopped at the HoD to pack a couple of boxes of books, just on principle. Then home, and sleep.

Tuesday I woke up a little before noon, futzed around quite a bit, then ended up heading to my parents' place at about 1:30pm. There I crowbarred some steps from their deck, loaded up a bunch of stuff to take to the Salvation Army, and showed my dad how to use his new transparency scanning attachment.

I made it to the Salvation Army just as they were closing - but they took my load of shtuff anyway.

From there to the Duplex, where I met back up with a post-work Timmie. We went to complain to the place with my bed (now they're talking 3 weeks), then picked up some stuff for him, grabbed some household things at Target, and had a pleasant dinner at P.F. Chang's.

Then to the HoD. We did one of the more unpleasant tasks: Sorting through the stuff dumped in random boxes in the family room. We managed to get through all of it, which was mildly impressive. I've also now packed up most all the books in the house, and we managed to completely fill both the recycling and garbage bins for tomorrow's pickup.

So I'm home now, and fairly shortly I'll be going to sleep.

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