Bruce (kor27) wrote,

How To Feel Old...

I actually woke up fairly early today, and decided to be mildly productive. So I paid some bills and such until I was late for my parents'... I was supposed to be there at noon, and made it a little after 1:00pm.

Turned out not to be too bad. Today was an early birthday party for my mom (As opposed to the big one next weekend). My cousin Beth's brother Eric was in town, and they were up there to visit and celebrate. This was the first time I've met Eric. Seems like a nice guy, if mildly suicidal: he's going into medical school this fall.

I spent a few hours there, then came down the mountain just as the rains were starting. I got a token load of stuff at the house - mostly the contents of the refrigerator - and dropped them off at the Duplex.

Then I headed off to mor_riogain's birthday party, where I ended up spending most of the evening.

An interesting experience, and a fairly nice group of people, if, well, young. And also, apart from Sami and her boyfriend, all in various states of inebriation. Something that was just a leetle nervewracking from the point of view of the only person there over 21.

Still, a good time. Not one I'd necessarily repeat too too often, though it was great to see both Sami and Brittany. And they're all so cute with their solid ideas of the world and their place in it, and their stories of stuff that happened way back when in high school, three years ago.

Anyway. I'm home now, and I just may go to bed, even if it is before 3:00am.

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