Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Some Productivity

Last night's show stayed fairly busy until 1:00am or so. Around then it tapered off enough that I was able to finish a fourth round before 2:00am.

Definitely an amazing night. I've seen it busier, but not in quite a while. Strangely, Paula didn't bitch at me about money...

I can't say I was in top form - I made several stupid little mistakes, including skipping Eddie for almost half an hour, skipping someone else for a song, pressing the wrong player button a couple of times, and starting to put away the song that was playing once. I don't know particularly why, but some nights are just a little off.

I also could have done a better job with the sound balance, though there's only so much you can do with that much crowd noise, especially when you're trying to avoid aggravating the neighbors.

Ah well. It looked like most people had fun.

One of the sets of new people last night was this adorable lesbian couple - Suzanne and Pohai. Both quite good singers. They were sitting over by the big TV. When it was time for one of them to sing, they'd switch places, so the singer could still look at the other one and the screen. Love songs all night, of course.

Afterwards, timenchanter, 777echelon, snafflekid, supersniffles and I did the Denny's thing.

Then home and sleep.

Today has been moderately productive. My fictitious name statement is updated, I have money in the bank to pay bills, since Timmie was getting an HIV test, I got one myself (I'm waaaay overdue, though I really should look at getting a full set of screenings done), I brought a (small) load of stuff from the HoD, Timmie and I spent a couple of hours getting minor shtuff at Ikea, and I put up a curtain in his room.

Not too shabby.

I should get myself to sleep shortly - I need to be at my parents' place at noon to meet my cousin and her brother, and then I have other parties as well...

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