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Yet More Progress

Yet another two day gap. Ah well.

Turns out I was considerably hungry after my last post. Tax anxiety apparently burns a lot of calories. Or promotes eating disorders. Take your pick.

In any case, I ended up at the Valley Fair Cheesecake Factory, which is dangerously close to the Duplex. There I not only consumed a whole shepherd's pie, but also a hot fudge sundae.

Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep Tuesday night.

Wednesday's a little bit of a blur. timenchanter and I managed to pack up some bric-a-brac, and transport some of my bookcases to the Duplex - where they have resolutely failed to fit. I'm not too stressed about it - if I can't get these to work, I'll sell them off and get some new ones.

Around 10:00pm Wednesday night I finally hit the wall, and slept until something like 11:00am today. I feel much better. And Mikey comes by to say hi again... you gotta love the random entries he does. =D


Mikey bids all adieu. ilynmw.

Hmmm. This post is getting to be scarily like the inside of my head. sdi.

In any case, today has been at least somewhat productive. I've managed to dig up and fill out a couple of the business-related change of address forms, and, more importantly, I've winnowed and boxed not only my "drift of important papers," but also the related "archipelago of plastic bags of important papers." Not that they've been truly filed - but I did throw out a huge number of old papers, and fitted the result in two medium-sized boxes. That took most of the afternoon.

Timmie came by after work, and between us, we managed to put together a truckload of boxes. After dropping that off at the Duplex, we headed up to On The Border, where we had one hell of a nice dinner, finished off by one of the best desserts I've had in a long time.

Timmie says hi.

Uh, yeah. Where was I...

Oh yeah, the Chocolate Turtle Empanadas. Extremely yummy.

Then off to the bar, which has been packed all night. I'm hoping to end the second round sometime in the next half hour or so.

There doesn't seem to be anything all that unusual going on (It's Dianna's birthday, but she didn't bring a large party), but several people I haven't seen for a while, like Johnathon, have shown up. Not to mention still having misswong77 here, and having seen mvmedic after a long absence.

Perhaps it's because trivialt is here...

Well, back to work. This post has taken almost 3 hours to write, because I haven't had a huge amount of spare time. Hence the vague resemblance of this post to a group birthday card.

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