Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Rockstar Is My Friend...

My mind's a little hazy(er than usual), but let me think...

Monday afternoon was a long sequence of things simply not working. This has eased up a little, though...

I was, in the end, able to get my desktop back together, at least partially working. The RPC unit is unhappy for some reason, so in the end I just did without. I'll work on that later - hopefully I kept the serial converter doodad necessary to communicate with it when it's being snarky.

I actually got Turbotax loaded onto the system by around 7:00pm, and then crawled into the shower. Which meant timenchanter and I didn't make it to the bar until 8:00pm.

Not good, but no huge loss. It wasn't until Yvonne walked into the bar at around 8:45pm that we had a customer, anyway.

I ended up starting the show around 9:00pm, with an empty bar, and 4 people in the rotation - only one of whom was a paying customer.

And then people started to trickle in. By around 10:30pm, the rotation was actually an hour long. So, in the end, it was a pretty good night - the bar even made more than average. I went for 9 rotations, and finished up at around 1:45am.

The main news of the night was spawrhawk showing up with Brian, one of the piano players from the Duplex. If I remember properly, he's out here for a theatrical project of some sort.

The man can sing. In fact, poor Bennie was unlucky enough to be following him, and almost had a panic attack every time.

I gave him And I Am Telling You, and he rocked it in the original key.

So yeah, it was a good evening. At least as long as I kept myself sufficiently caffeinated.

Afterwards, both Timmie and I were hungry, so we did the Denny's thing, partly in the hopes of hanging out with Brian and Mikey. It of course had taken me so long to tear down that they were about to leave. Ah well.

Then home, and sleep.

I woke up this morning around 11:00am, and started working on the taxes. I had to break around 1:30pm, because I'd promised my parents to show them around Costco. They didn't seem hugely thrilled (they rarely do), but it must have been OK - they got themselves memberships.

Then a quick swoop past the HoD to pick up some extra potentially tax-related stuff, and back to the paperwork.

I actually finished about an hour ago. Except Intuit's servers are so backed up with last-minute jerks like me that I can't get through to them. Well I did, once - but it crapped out during the final verification. Which means the taxes may have been filed, so I can't afford to just print them out.

I wouldn't worry about it too much, except I owe the state a chunk of money, and would prefer not to add penalties to that.

What can I say? Procrastination is its own reward.

Timmie got home around 5:00pm, but just kind of staggered into his room. I suspect he may have been a little tired - I haven't seen or heard from him since.

I should seriously consider dinner...

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