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Tempest Fidgets

It's been a busy few days. My last narrative post was for Wednesday evening.

As might have been surmised, the DSL modem did arrive, though of course at about the last possible moment (They deliver until 7:00pm, it arrived at 6:26pm). I threw it in my room, then timenchanter and I took off to the Hamptons.

What can I say? It was a Hamptons Wednesday party. misswong77 brought the most amazing chocolate cake for amor_ereptor's birthday. princesskiti22 was there (Yay!), and much fun was had.

I finally gave in to the lack of sleep around 10ish, while the rest of the group watched Wedding Wars. After that, Timmie and I went to the HoD to move some of the larger items into the debris box.

Given our schedules, and the fact that the box was going to be picked up Friday, this was the time we had to do it. The fact that we were both tired, and maybe a little tipsy, meant the process was, well, less than optimal. I'm now missing part of the nail on my right big toe as a result. Such is life. We at least got the stuff into the bin.

Timmie went off to the Duplex (which is now the official name, by fiat of the Queen), and I slept for a little bit, then woke up to argue with AT&T about my lack of broadband. That took about an hour and a half, and finally ended with them doing, well, nothing. This is because, at some deep, basic level, they're idiots. The actual DSL connection is up. All I need is a functioning username and password for PPPoE. But apparently, since they canceled that, I'd have to get a new order, and it would take a couple of weeks for them to get around to entering said new username and password. I was offered dialup instead, but decided that another hour or two of running around in circles getting that set up just wasn't worth it.

Then the last poor person had to ask me if I'd been completely satisfied with what they'd done. And I do mean "had to" - it's a job requirement. I told her I was relatively happy with her (they do judge the poor things from the recordings, and she honestly seemed to have done all she could), but had a few choice things to say about AT&T in general.

I believe I then slept for a little bit (Large parts of Thursday are a little fuzzy), then tried to finish cleaning the large stuff out of the back yard. I could get everything except one roll of chainlink fencing from the abandoned dog run.

It turned out a fair amount of the junk out there was Llorona damage. I've come to think of her as Fenris' kinder, gentler sister, doing her best to put a smiling face on Ragnarok. One of more amusing bits: At one point, I had a drip irrigation system installed. It hadn't been used for quite a while, but it was there. She apparently found some exposed bit of piping, and had completely removed it from the ground while using it as a chew toy.

In any case, it was time to clean up for the evening, so I did, then stopped at OSH on my way to the bar for something to cut fencing with.

Thursday's show was pretty damn impressive. It was another slow start night - I didn't get enough people signed up and ready until nearly 9:00pm - but it ended being the busiest I've seen a Thursday in months. I managed to squeeze in a fourth round just before closing, but that was only because a large number of people left around 1:00am.

After the show, Andrew, snafflekid, dwo, supersixy, supersniffles and I did the Denny's thing, which kept us happily talking until 4:00am or so.

Then back to the HoD. The debris box was to be picked up at some random point on Friday, so the plan had been to just start working on stuff when I got home. Instead, biology took over, and I slept for an hour or so until 6:00am, meaning I had some sunlight with which to attack the fencing.

When I was through with that, I proceeded to the (gulp) garage. It's amazing how much junk I have in there. It's still a crowded mess, but a noticeably smaller one.

I'm not totally sure when I quit, but I believe it was still morning. I know I was more staggering than walking, and had run out of places to shove stuff in the box, anyway. Kind of amusingly, the truck showed up to pick it up right around the time my head hit the pillow.

I managed to get some sleep (and a couple of loads of laundry) in before getting back up at 5:00pm or so. I cleaned up, picked up a package at FedEx, then made my way to the entropyca/moahb/Samir birthday party. I got there by 7:15pm, meaning I was the first guest to arrive.

Definitely a fun party, though I was just a little out of it. Still, had several good conversations, and hung out with the wonderful people that are my friends.

I said my goodbyes around midnight, and headed back here to the HoD. I've been composing this post since then, at least while I've been conscious.

It's time to fix that consciousness bit for a few hours. The next thing on the agenda is moving my desk and main computer to the new place, so I have a net-connected platform for Turbotax. Because I of course haven't even started on my taxes yet.

Oh - one more thing. During the day Thursday I got a voicemail from my real estate agent. The original buyer has dropped out - bad thing. But there's at least one new offer - good thing. And the trustee sale has been put off until May 9th - excellent thing. So, all-in-all, the home sale situation is pretty positive.

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