Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Just Show Up, Already!

This morning I packed up a bunch of stuff - mostly hardware - grabbed some McDonald's (Mmmm, bacon, egg, and cheese bagel! The kosher delights of a bagel coupled with the yummyness that is bacon. Delicious and self-contradictory - my kinda food!), and made my way to the apartment.

I got here most likely about five minutes after timenchanter left, which was my aim. We only have the one parking spot, after all.

I was partway through configuring the spare firewall when the guy from AT&T called to say he was on his way. He spent quite a lot of time here. On the one hand, he said there was some sort of problem out on the street. On the other, he rewired the apartment connection to the junction box (for what looks to be about the 6th time) without being asked to. It's nice to have a reliable connection, but I'm hoping they're not going to try to stiff me for an inside wiring charge.

We'll see.

In any case, the phone line was hooked up by 11:00am or so.

Fiddling with the firewall took me until about 1:00pm - and I'm still not sure the VPN settings are right. Testing'll have to wait until I actually have a connection.

I have the firewall set up to both my specs and's. I have a functioning secured access point. What I still don't have is a modem.

According to UPS, the damn thing was loaded on the truck at 5:18am. And it appears to still be on that truck, and I'm beginning to wonder if it will actually arrive or not.

This attitude might have a teensy bit to do with the couple of hours of sleep I'm working with right now. Everything's just a little... off.

Though what I'm most looking forward to when Timmie gets home is that I'll be able to take a shower. I itch.

I have gotten other things done - I've finally figured out a way to use my MPEG software that seems to do a good job with the videos, and I've got a definitive version of LAS-03. I'm starting on LAS-04 right now.

I've verified that the tiny color TV I found in the garage is actually perfect to replace the B&W monitor I have set up at the bar.

I've had a nice chat with the mail lady. I had a relatively nice chat with Mena, who's three days out of jail, and was not surprised to hear that all her stuff had been dumped.

And that's it so far - Timmie's on his way home, and I have a laserdisc capture to start slicing.

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