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It Keeps Turning

timenchanter was not really able to wake up in time for a nice dinner Friday evening. Getting him awake in time for his shift at the bar was difficult enough...

So we had some Taco Bell on the way to the bar. I was going to just hang out with the laptop all evening, but I first got drawn into an... odd... conversation with a couple of guys. One of them appears to specialize in minor mindfucks.

It was the first time anyone at the bar has asked me my size. I don't think it's the first time I've been told I have a purty mouth, though...

After they - and their new hook-up for the evening - left, I got pulled into a much more civilized conversation with a Jessie and Reeni, a pleasant lesbian (apparently ex-)couple - and Timmie.

That kept me entertained until midnight or so - and not too long after that, it was slow enough that Timmie stopped working.

So we did the Carrows thing, then went home and slept.

I woke up around 10:30am today, fiddled around for a bit, then headed down with Timmie to start mucking out the backyard. We didn't finish, but it's mostly done. And it was definitely disgusting. Children's plush toys should not be left in the mud.

The guy I hired to zap the "lawn" got there around 1:30pm or so. He got started, I got into the shower. Timmie and I headed up to my parents' around maybe 2:30pm.

I washed their solar panels while he cleared brush. Well, I also installed Stuart and turn2nz's old scanner for my dad.

An early dinner of my mother's cooking, down to the house to clean up, then off to Big Bootie Nights here at the beautiful King of Clubs. It's been pretty slow so far, but I've had fun talking to people and massaging Lizz.

I'm sitting next to hollyk. I suspect she's here because the clientèle makes her feel slimmer...

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