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Silly Me!

While I was waiting for debris box #2 to arrive (and still am, for that matter...), I thought I'd load up the truck with the electronics to be recycled.

I forgot it's only a small pickup.

I was only able to fit in 4 TVs, 3 monitors, and two tower cases. And that was only because one of the TVs is tiny.

Hopefully the box will be delivered soon, so I can make a second trip (the box is to be delivered by 3:00pm, the recycle place closes at 4:00pm).

Then maybe I can do a third, and hopefully final trip on Monday.

Speaking of which - I've got a host of random PC parts, if anyone needs a new keyboard or monitor (the functional monitors I can spare are CRTs). I also still have turn2nz's rather fancy HP inkjet that I'm simply not going to use. It was perfectly functional when I got it - though it then spent about two weeks in my car in the summer sun, so receive at your own risk - it probably at least needs fresh ink cartridges.

Speak up rapidly. The monitors, at least, are going by Monday at the latest, and possibly today.

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