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Bruce [userpic]
Who Needs A Friggin' Sleep Cycle?

Shortly after my last post, as I was just settling in on my pillow, timenchanter called and suggested lunch. So I threw my clothes back on and schlepped over to TK Noodle with him. It think it was about an hour or so after that that I finally slept a bit.

Needless to say, the evening did not involve a huge amount of moving, though we did take some books and a couple of armchairs to the new place.

Then ate at Mini Gourmet.

There's been a bit of an eating trend lately, which might explain why my scale measures two pounds higher than it did on the 2nd.

Of course, I'm also sitting here feeling a bit dizzy from insufficient food. I'll be remedying that in a little bit.

Today has been, well, moderately productive, I suppose. Phone service supposedly starts up at the new place tomorrow, and (also supposedly) won't stop here until the 20th, when the power also goes out. I just got a basic line - right at the moment, the plan is to sign up with Sonic.net on Monday, once I've verified the phone is working.

I've tried to arrange for pickup of the umpteen broken computers, monitors, and televisions, but the earliest pickup available is apparently the 16th. I'll be hauling all that stuff over myself tomorrow or Monday.

The only remaining task on my must-do list for today is to take out the frikken' garbage in my room. Not a hard thing, but something I've put off for enough time to get really disgusting. The vermin are starting to complain about the surroundings...

Over on the karaoke front, I've transferred the song database data from my site to the karaoke setup. Now I'm in an intensive Python study mode, so I can set something up to do something with the data. I don't feel like typing in a complete SQL statement every time I need to look for something.

Current Location: HoD
Mood: hungryhungry

your life is wild and crazy boy, wild and crazy....

Having just read your latest post, I'm hoping you meant that sarcastically.

You go with your bad self, mister Productive Man! Wooohooo!!!!!

....erm, scythe?

Picky, picky, Mr. I-Want-An-Instrument-Of-Destruction Man!

Hopefully on the way back from the (first) trip to electronics recycling today.

Okie dokie. And they're not exactly my weeds mister! :-P~

No, at this point they're their own weeds, gathering in their multitudes and plotting the takeover of the planet.

It's a jungle out there.