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Feasts and Famines

I spent a good part of the evening waiting for timenchanter to drag me out and do some cleanup. He (or at least his body) did the sane thing instead, and slept until around 10:00pm or so.

Somewhere around 8:30pm I decided to grab some dinner, and since Timmie didn't respond to either knocks or messages, I just betook myself to the Cheesecake Factory, and had some soup, and a salad, and a hot fudge sundae....

I also programmed some of the code I needed for database vs. actual ripped track comparison. So I wasn't completely wasting my time - just my money.

I got back home around 10:30pm or so. Timmie was awake by that point, and we proceeded to destroy/clean up a few things, and fit them into the debris box. That lasted until maybe 11:30pm, when I took a break to work some more on the track comparison stuff.

I finished reconciling the two somewhere around 6:30am. There's now yet more tracks in the update sheet that I've actually had for years. The most amusing of those is "Brother Love's Travelin' Salvation Show," which either kshandra or supersniffles was complaining that I didn't have last week.

It may have been removed because of disc damage. The rip, at least, sounds OK, but the graphics gets pretty garbled towards the end of the track. The original may not have played too well in a standard player, especially since my old player was a little touchy about those things. I'm going to see what I can do about that.

Most of the tracks I inserted were more for completeness than anything else. The update sheet now contains 12 instrumental songs, though I'm not sure that anyone will ever want to have me play the Overture to West Side Story just for the hell of it.

During the process, I kept telling myself to drag the overflowing trash in my room down to the curb before the garbage truck came. It of course came by around 6:00am. So, instead, I compensated by dragging a few loads of junk down to the debris box from Mena's room.

I stopped when I couldn't stomach going into her room any more. I'm messy, but at least I don't have half-eaten pizza at the bottom of the piles on my floor.

Speaking of Mena - there's a box in her room full of what appears to be Sega Saturn stuff. I didn't look too closely. If anybody wants it, speak up before it gets dumped.

Some time around 9:00am I decided to reward myself with a McDonald's breakfast. It had been quite a while.

And that's about it, apart from a slight nap while writing this update. Which is going to be followed in a few minutes by complete unconsciousness.

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