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Still Crawling Forward

I've done two productive things towards the move, neither of them exactly giant steps: I've signed up for PG&E (They're supposedly hooking the apartment up tomorrow), and I've researched phone/DSL packages.

Just researched because, well, people don't want to tell you anything. I just finished an extremely annoying chat with an Earthlink salesman. Finding out the upload speeds on their various options was like pulling teeth.

Probably because they kinda suck.

I need to see if there are any other possibilities in the area - I'm with SBC, but, well, they're SBC. What can I say? The only people I know to ever take 3 weeks to reactivate a DSL line after taking it over from a previous vendor.

Moving? Zip. Packing? Zip. On the other hand, timenchanter has, uh, "promised" that we'll be taking at least one load over to the new place this afternoon.

What's taken up the rest of my time is fun with PHP. "Fun" of the "I want to kill someone" sort.

All of the scripts that support the karaoke shtuff are written in PHP. Mostly because, well, I needed it for web support, and I honestly didn't feel like learning Perl, too. And there's a lot of stuff on the web about doing standalone scripts with it.

They've worked quite well. Until now. Now, I'm trying to throw together a web interface to the various scripts. And, as it turns out, that's difficult because both use PHP. Every time I fork a process, it's chock full of PHP environment variables that redirect the script I'm running back to the calling web page. So, as usual, a quick little job has turned into a multi-day fiasco. And I'm too stubborn to let go of the thing until it works.

Maybe Perl isn't such a bad idea.

Last night's show was, well, a little slow (the bar made about 3/4 of its usual), but much, much fun. princesskiti22 was out for a last hurrah before school, cekyr0 and jeffercine were there almost all night with their new friend Adam, trivialt and misswong77 made appearances, qzar_mystik made it out of his hole, Ray got backed into singing again, Bennie and Eddie did a bunch of duets, Dane finally got the courage to sing (The man's been in several bands, but karaoke scares him - go figure), and we all just had a fun time.

I finished off the 6th round at, well, 2:03am or so. I was running around, helping make sure all the alcohol was off the tables.

Then Andrew, Dane, Lizz and I did a Denny's run, which didn't finish until 4:00am or so - we were just having too much fun talking. Even if far too much of it was about my financial situation. But it was fun watching Andrew's interview on Fox News.

Then home, some sleep, and yet more frustration with PHP. At least I finally have an idea of what the problem is.

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