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Bruce [userpic]
Change Has Occurred

So. Yes. timenchanter and I are now officially renting half a run-down duplex on North 11th. It's been paid for, we have keys, and everything.

We've even now had a friend over, because Amy C. went there with us when we paid for it and got the keys.

That huge bin in my driveway? It's now mostly full. There're still things we can put into it, but there're also a lot of large pieces of crap that won't fit. I'm gonna have to order another damn bin.

On the one hand, it was liberating excising all that junk from the house.

On the other, it will very shortly get down to the "stuff I have to sort through" phase, which is a pain and a half.

But on the third hand, we're going to have access to both locations for several weeks, as well as the use of my parents' truck. So the move process can aid the cleanup process: As we move stuff we want to the new place, we can uncover - or at least get to - more of the stuff we need to discard.

Over on the PC karaoke front, some further investigation uncovered that the whole DMA/PIO fallback thing doesn't happen for USB connected drives, which isn't too surprising, given the nature of the connection.

So I went to Nerdvana (Santa Clara), and got myself a couple of USB to IDE converters. Those didn't take long to find. What took time was finding the internal USB cables.

Because they don't have any.

After considerable searching, I finally asked a salesman that seemed to have a glimmer of intelligence - and discovered that all they have is the little dual internal to backslot adapter things.

So I bought one of those, and unscrewed the cables from the plate.

I'll be performing the surgery shortly.

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Till' our dreams come true, you live on Avenue Q..



sorry couldn't resist =)

much love!

Eh. Sucks to be me.

Much love right back, you enforced hermit, you!

haha I think i'm going to stop by the bar Sunday

Good old downtown SJ. Oh, how I miss it so. My friend, Phil, used to live in an old house on 13th for the longest time. Unfortunately, he's not there anymore, so I had no reason to come downtown. Now I gotta go check out your new place!

Yes, you do.

I've always wanted to show you my bedroom, and the ceiling in this one's really cool...

Ha ha ha!

WHatcha sayin' there, Brucie??

Why, that the previous tenant painted an interesting compass rose in stipple on the ceiling.

It's quite nice. Definitely worth a long look.


Ah. I see...

I think I've seen several horror films that started this way..


I, uh, don't know what you mean.

I've never - no-one ever found - there's no evi- I've always worn-

I have no idea what you're talking about.


Was this whole USB enclosure deal to avoid DMA/PIO fallback? Assuming you're talking about the automatic fallback to PIO that happens if there are N (10?) read errors across the lifetime of the system, there's a registry patch that disables that. I thought it got included in an eventual service pack, though.


Re: oops

No worries - I've made enough of my own. I normally am logged in, but sometimes I forget - and sometimes LJ logs me out on a whim.

In any case, there is a "fix". In fact, it's part of SP2, which I made sure was installed when I put the machine together.

If you read toward the bottom of the page, you'll find the fix is to change the fallback mode from 6 cumulative errors to 6 consecutive errors. Which still means that "CD with circumferential scratch" = fallback.

In general, the scheme is a disaster for removable drives, because it's one-way. In fact, from what I've read, one badly burned DVD-R can permanently set you to PIO.

The only way to get the system to reconsider is to convince it that the drive is new - either by uninstalling it, or by clearing its checksum in the registry. I might even be content with that, if one didn't need to then restart immediately.

That's not something I can afford to do in the middle of a show.

So I now have the main drive on a USB bridge. The other was only bought to deal with the fact that the first one was doing this behavior. I started looking more closely when the second drive did the same after only a day's worth of ripping.

Re: oops

Yeah, I haven't checked on the rescan question. Logically, that should work.

On the other hand, every time and place I've read about fixes, it's emphasized that a restart is necessary.

But even if a rescan worked, and it didn't interfere with the a song while it was playing, the fact is that I'd only know to do the fix and rescan when a problem occurred.

And I just don't like running a system where I have to periodically apologize to people about XP fucking up. Not that I won't anyway...