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Up and Down

Today I was supposed to be at my parents by 2:00 to work on their windows.  This was not to be, quite.  I did get up in time - before noon, as a matter of fact.  At lunch with timenchanter and Amy C, Timmy reiterated his desire to see them again.

And, it turned out Mena had an appointment at 3:00 and no ride.

So I changed plans, gave Mena her ride, and waited until 5:00 to pick Timmy up.  In the meantime, talked to Trudi for a bit - a generally friendly conversation, which is mostly a good thing.  At least until she shifts again into Bitch From Hell.

Speaking of bitch from hell, Llorona managed to escape from her cage a couple of times...

Timmy and I went on up the hill, washed the windows which had been a difficulty.  And advantage of this timing is that my parents won't see the streaks until morning.

And then we did our best to help vanquish dinner.

After dinner, and some minor conversation, it was 11ish, and I drove Timmy back to Fawkes.

Then called unbreak_able back.  She was feeling out of sorts and wanted to get out of the house.  The problem being finding an all-night coffee location that didn't serve crap.  After an extensive yellow page and brainstorming session, we had no ideas.  So we met up, Debbie transferred to my car, and we set off at random.  By pure miracle, we found a Starbucks that was open until 1:00 (Lawrence and El Camino), and hung out there until, well, 1:00.

Then back to the random motion.  Actually, it wasn't random.  I headed north on El Camino, and we talked.  And talked.  And talked.  We both had a blast.  I ended up taking El Camino to San Francisco, then going as straight as I could manage until we ran out of road, just before the water's edge.  After some more random walk, I almost took the Golden Gate north, but swerved off at the last moment to drive at random through the Presidio.  Then ended up on the West side of the peninsula (First time I've seen the Cliff House), down the coast to the zoo, then in and around onto 280 south.

I dropped her off at her car at 3:00.  Much fun - must do again.

Then back home.  To a house with a roaming dog in it, and both front and back doors ajar.  Just open enough to encourage a burglar, but not enough for the damn dog to run away.  I live with idiots.

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