Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Marathon Fun

After leaving my parents' place, I decided on the Hamptons option, which turned out to be the right choice, because it meant time with princesskiti22. Well, and trivialt, and Seth, of course, as well as all the other wonderful people that are there.

I got roped into playing Wii Survival, or some such name. Silly, silly game, but a lot of fun with a large number of friends. Especially when you're drunk.

I ended up in a bit of an argument with my dad on the subject of Absinthe. I especially upset him when I spent some time researching the subject, and not only refuted him on most points, but also discovered that (1) the vermouth he used to drink regularly is so named because "vermouth" is the german for "wormwood", and contains a significant amount of thujone, and (2) sage, while containing less than wormwood, also contains significant quantities of thujone.

Anyway, as a result, when I got to the Hamptons, I had to have a glass. Definitely efficient stuff - one glass did me for the night.

Then I spent the rest of the night talking with Keri. As in "until almost dawn." Long conversations with interesting, expressive, hot women is near the top of my "favorite things to do" list. We took a bit of break around 4:30am, because cekyr0 was driving moahb to the airport, and asked us to come along to keep him awake on the way back.

It wasn't too long after getting back that Keri decided to sleep for a couple of hours before the group headed to breakfast, and I headed home for several hours of blessed oblivion.

This afternoon was largely taken up in the ripping process. I'm now maybe a third of the way through that last CDG row, and have hopes that I'll be able to finish it up at the show tonight.

Not that it'll be over, then, since there's always something more. I need to complete the utility I'm writing for the recovery of SC-8199. An irritating subject. I noticed a few months ago that it was playing badly, and discovered that there were all sorts of holes in the aluminum layer. So I ordered a resurfaced used one, which I remember as being fine when I got it but now has the same. I suspect that the original printing was missing the full enamel on the top surface.

Anyway, I've managed to rip both discs, and am working on some software to try and combine the "good" parts of each.

I'm also, of course, just a tiny way through the rework of the lasers, but that's going to take ages, and as I've said before, I'm just going to deal with what I've got as I slowly replace bits.

Anyway, I'll be hanging out here at Popeye's for a bit more, as I try to take care of a few non-karaoke-related things before heading to the bar. Free WiFi is a good thing.

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