Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Merrily We Bounce Around

Of course, after claiming I'll post more regularly, things just get too busy...

Thursday night's show was kind of interesting. We had a reasonably full room. Not crowded, by any means, but far from empty.

But the rotation stayed light enough that I was able to go 7 rounds before closing down at 2:00am. Heck, even Trankenstein got four songs.

It took me a while to close down, especially with the relationship discussions with Eddie and Lizz (the poor fools asked my advice on relationships), but I still managed to make it to the Denny's run (already in progress), before they got their food. It was Andrew, snafflekid, and a very drunk Peter C. (who had come with nightvzn) this time.

Then home, some sleep, and more disc fiddling. I now have the end in sight: There's only one more row of CDGs to do. Of course, it turns out I need to redo almost all the laserdiscs, but at least I have something for all those tracks at this point. Now I just need to worry about software. Well, and all the little missing hardware pieces...

Friday I made an attempt at progress for the move. My agent tells me the bank is happy with the latest offer, and is pursuing the title company about the lien. However, the place needs to be cleaned up just to let the inspector in to look at the place.

I called a gardener/hauling guy about cutting down and cleaning out the yard. He quoted $400.

Uh, no.

I also am waiting on a quote for a debris bin for the driveway. I fear it'll be in a similar range.

Ah well.

I made it to CCF almost on time (5:30pm). Quite a group, especially with the addition of the ever-lovely wissavix and the ever-odd blankreloaded. However, timenchanter and I tried to cut down our food intake (I "only" had the "cup" of soup) because at 6:20pm we piled into Fawkes and headed to Palo Alto for dinner with my cousin and her boyfriend, Vee. Interesting guy.

I hope it works out for them.

In any case, it was great hanging out with them - I haven't seen my workaholic cousin in months.

We had quite a few drinks with dinner, then headed back to Beth's place to talk and imbibe some more.

We got home at something like 12:30am. As it turns out, Timmie headed off to the Hamptons sleepover. I just slept.

But at 8:00am, I crawled out of bed, threw on my jammies, and headed down to the Hamptons for the morning cartoons. That was fun, and pleasantly low-key.

I took off around 1:00pm, cleaned up, did some more scanning, then headed to my parents' place. I've mean moderately useful here. The side screen door is now repaired, and all the bird feeder mounts have been reattached to the deck.

Dinner is over, the washing-up is finished, and I'll likely be heading back down the hill soon.

I just have to decide if I'm dropping by the bar, heading back to the Hamptons for Seth's party, or being reasonable and going home.

Knowing me, the reasonable option isn't likely.

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