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Bumper Day

I did, indeed, fall asleep, but not for too long.  Mena's friend Chris needed some attention, and timenchanter needed sustenance after his fast.  Timmy and I went to BJ's for lunch, then I rented a Rug Doctor for Chris to use.

Bit of a waste, that.  He ended up only doing the upper corridor, as opposed to the huge dog stains downstairs.  Oh well.

Speaking of which, poor Llorona has been out in her cage pretty much continuously for the last 3 days.  I'd feel a tad bit guilty, if (1) It weren't stormmonkey's responsibility to take care of her, no matter what, and Rachell hasn't been back, and (2) It's been such a relief not having the Engine of Destruction in the house.  I've actually previously gotten voicemails from Rachell claiming she doesn't neglect the dog.  Yeah, right.

Anyway, we came back to my place, and did some stuff around the house while Timmy tried to recover from his food coma.  We were then going to get him a new tire, except, well, let's just say that on the way Fawkes got himself an impromptu nose job.  It was quite impressive from the passenger's seat. We did end up getting the tire, but the rest of the afternoon was spent trying to get an estimate for Fawkes.

Then the show.   The show was just wonderful.  Nice crowd, lots of good songs, nikari spent almost all night, dancin_whitey spent all night, dwo was back, and Janis showed up at the end for one song.  Ah, Janis.  Always enjoyable to watch, and a blast to listen to.

And, of course, I was showing off my new Faux Gay shirt.

Timmy and I went to Denny's to sober up afterwards, and ran into trivialt, kozmic_tar, and nevie there.  Of course, Timmy and I spent most of the time discussing San Jose politics, which probably bored that group to tears.

An excellent ending to a bizarre day.

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