Bruce (kor27) wrote,

High-Level Talks

It's been a fairly productive time since my last post.

Primo, I've slept. I did the usual "wake up after 4 hours" thing last night, but I eventually got myself back into bed and asleep for another 3-4. This is a very good thing.

Secundo, I'm getting some feedback from the CDG ripper people about my problem with their product. They aren't admitting they have a problem yet, but the first thing is establishing a dialog.

Tertio, I just had a remarkably good meeting with the top three people at the supplier I've been using for the eBay thing. I really didn't expect it to be that productive.

Good thing it was. After a bit of a miscommunication, I ended up driving to the Oakland Airport Hilton to meet them.

Driving up 880 at rush hour felt just like old times...

I'm now at the Union Landing Chevy's, eating my first meal of the day, and waiting for traffic to subside a little. I need a slightly nonstandard ATA cable for my new CD drive (nothing really unusual - it's just that the two drives are further apart than the standard cable allows), so I get to treat myself to a Nerdvana trip.

Then home, and back to ripping. Hopefully more rapidly - or at least with fewer crashes - with the new drive.

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