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Another Wednesday

I woke up around 10:30 yesterday, discovered that in fact I didn't need to take Mena to the doctor (She had another ride), then really never went back to sleep.

Didn't exactly do much, either.  I aimed to get up to Stuart&Frida's at a reasonable hour, which means I ended up leaving around 5:00.  I honestly have no idea what happened in the interim, if anything.  I mean, I took a shower, but even my long-ass showers don't take that long.

A particularly pleasant evening - Frida's feeling mellow.  Also, like cooking.  She put together this huge dinner, starting with chips with peach salsa and guacamole, then bruschetta, then rack of lamb with quinoa (Interesting stuff - I've never even heard of it before), then tiramisu with chocolate-dipped strawberries.  It was quite a spread even for her.  I probably would have convinced timenchanter to come along, except he's fasting for a medical test he's taking this morning, hopefully before reading this post.

I hung out afterward, finishing off their Sambucca and surfing until around 4:30.  Nodded off a few times, but then felt awake enough to head home.  And here I am.  I have lots planned for the day, which probably won't happen because I'll probably suddenly feel tired and collapse until this evening.  I know me...

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