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Procrastination as a Way of Life

Last night was unique in a number of ways. For one, despite arriving a little late for setup, I started 2 minutes early, as opposed to 10-20 minutes late. For another, while we had a noticeable crowd, we didn't have a huge number of singers, so the rotation stayed sane-ish.

Granted, the fourth rotation was 19 singers long, but still, for what I frequently run, that wasn't bad at all. I finished the night off at 1:45am, at the end of the 7th round.

I closed up as rapidly as I could (given I'm presently carting half my stuff to the car), and rushed over to Denny's to join the afterparty with Andrew, snafflekid, Cassie, and supersniffles. Much fun.

With expected results. Two days ago I registered at 218 pounds. Today it was 221...

And then back to the video processing sweatshop, which is much easier to deal with than, say, my life.

On the laserdisc side, I've now got one disc done. And all the others to do or redo...

On the CDGs, I'm well into the PS series, which is somewhere between one third and a half of the way through the process.

My real estate agent again wants me to clean up the property, because it'll make it more likely to appraise higher, so he can sell it for more. I smile and nod, but it doesn't seem to occur to him that while that will raise his income, it changes nothing for me but add work and expense.

He also mentioned that if Title does pay on the lien, it will only pay for the value at the time of the refi. That's a little scary - I need to do some calculations, but the results may not be too promising.

Which means we might be back to foreclosure.

On a happier note, I got back from a very pleasant dinner with kshandra a little while ago. At Marie Callender's, so I'm likely to weigh even more tomorrow...

And now back to the grind.

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