Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Slowly I Turn

Last night at the Hamptons was, as always, a huge amount of fun.

Even if misswong77 vehemently insisted that I wouldn't be getting her pregnant. Which is mostly funny because she brought up the subject in the first place...

I ended up staying much longer than usual, mostly because Seth, cekyr0, and I couldn't seem to stop talking.

Then home, and back to the karaoke grind.

On the CDG front, things are moving reasonably well: I've made it as far as the PHTs, which is probably about a third of the way through.

On the LD front, I think I'm finally ready to move forward, after a minor hiccup. I spent a certain amount of the morning a bit frantic when I discovered that, somehow, after staying perfectly in sync up to the last stage, the final output MPEG would slowly drift off as it played.

As it turned out, I was being too, um, technically advanced for some stage in the process. Once I stopped using a variable bit rate MP3 as an intermediate, things started to match up perfectly.

So I'm now poised and ready to redo all of the laserdiscs. The thought fills me with joy - though in truth, even with all the extra stages, it should be much easier this way. At least I can capture a whole disc in one swoop.

Not to mention the fact that I can now apply the same volume balancing software to the videos that I do to the CDGs. This cuts down on a whole buncha work, and produces a better result.

In other news, I'm signing yet another offer on the house tomorrow - this one for $5k more than the last. I'd be excited if I was going to see any of it...

Ah well. Dinner is finished, so off to the bar.

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