Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Life as a Series of Karaoke Tracks

On the downside, I completely flaked on Seth's game night last night. I was heading home from the bar at 12:30am, thinking "They must have quit by now." From misswong77's post, this was just not true.

Too bad, though in fact I was pretty dead at that point.

On the upside, I got to talk to several people at the bar last night, including the first time I've actually talked with Lindsay. And, well, I'm also further along with the karaoke bit conversion project. By last count, I'm 73% of the way through the laserdiscs. The distance through the CDGs is harder to gauge, since I'm also ripping the vocal sample tracks on those discs that have them. On the other hand, I'm at least 3/4 done with the first case, so it's somewhere near 20%.

I'd be a lot happier about all that if I'd manage to get some sleep. For several days now, I've collapsed after I couldn't stay awake any longer, woken up 5 hours later, and gotten sucked back into feeding discs to the beast.

Not only that, but I'm up at the dome, and am going to have to suffer through one of my mom's gourmet meals. Life is so hard.

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