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Continuing Obsessions

I got my package yesterday (My phone now has a nifty leather case - I just love the smell of tanned cow skin), and had enough time to scarf down some Indian food before making to the show on time.

I even started the show pretty much on time (OK, five minutes late, but I only had 3 people signed up at 8:30pm. Geez).

The first round took off pretty rapidly. People kept on coming in and signing up. It was sort of interesting, because a lot of the night seemed like it should be crowded - but actually, we were a little off last night. The first rotation was large, and so was the second - they both were just under 20 people long. But the room never got exactly what you'd call "full."

And the size of the rounds shrank from there. I actually finished the night at the end of the sixth rotation, at just about 1:45am.

Ah well. Still a lot of fun. All the regulars, plus a few new people. Isaac came back, which was cool. Nikki, Honey, and their posse spent an hour or so.

The only odd thing, looking out from the booth, was that it was the night of the many bartenders. At various points in the night, I saw Eddie, Lizz, jeffercine, sugarbare, and Luis.

After the show, I packed up all my stuff, including all the huge amount of stuff to take home, gathered up Steve M, and went with him and qzar_mystik to Denny's. supersniffles had previously gotten us all interested in IHOP, but it turned out to be closed, so the three of us took the next best thing. We hung out talking until something like 4:30am, at which time I drove Steve home, then headed to the HoD - where I proceeded to capture and rip stuff until something like 9:00am.

I slept from then until 1:30pm or so. I'm kinda tired. Of course, about the only thing I did from then on was more disc capture. Well, apart from dinner with timenchanter. I need to close things up and head over to the bar with the medicine he forgot here...

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