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I need to make this relatively fast.

I won't, of course - I never do.

After the last post, I got some shopping done in reasonable time, made it to the FedEx facility on the dot at 6:00pm, and completely failed to get my package. Not only would they not even serve any of the people until around 6:10pm, but then it turned out my driver wasn't back yet.

So I told them to hold the package, and "rushed" back home to pick up timenchanter and make it to Dinner &. All told, we were only about 40 minutes late.

And a very nice party it was. How could it not be? cekyr0 and jeffercine are enough on their own, but both princesskiti22 and wissavix were there. And Krista's new car. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

And, of course, quite a few other people, also excellent.

We actually left kind of early, because I was feeling tired for some reason (Lack of sleep, perhaps?), and Timmie was feeling poorly.

Which has apparently developed into a full-blown sickness today. Not good. I just took him out to get drugs&juice.

Such is life. I'm just about to pack up, see if I can get my package this time, grab a quick bite to eat, and start setting up for the show.

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