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Catch Up

I can tell I've been busy - I have three days to catch up on.

I've of course been frantically spooning data into the new karaoke system. I've been lugging the PC part of the new system to the bar, so when I'm at home, I'm busy capturing laserdisc data, and when I'm at the bar, I'm filling up any extra time ripping CDGs. I'm about halfway through LAS-17 right now, and I've ripped through the CHM CDGs. Slow, but steady progress.

Little educational tidbits have included discovering that 6 songs on LAS-14 are unplayable (And may always have been - either the thing got a very odd sharp blow, or it's a manufacturing defect), that "Longview," which won't play in pretty much anything I've put it in, rips just fine, and that some discs with extra "data" tracks don't rip properly - the last track before the data one comes out too long, on top of the pesky fact that my drive locks up. I spent an hour or two today figuring out how to cut them to a reasonable length.

There's been a little real life shoved in the cracks between data acquisitions.

Saturday, I went to Maggie's divorce dinner. That was a huge amount of fun, though I told several jokes I should never tell again. Seriously. They were bad for me. It was huge fun, though, having the table - and most of the room - singing "Happy Divorce to You" to her.

It was interesting meeting Cara in decent light. I honestly didn't recognize her. Certainly far from a disappointment, though...

After the dinner, most of the group went off to see Breach. I, instead, dropped Vince off at home, then headed to the bar, to see what the sound system was doing. It seemed fine, at least until Wayne figured out that Paula had disconnected the front speaker. I played with it some on Sunday, where I discovered that there's dirt in the rheostat for the amp volume control for the right side of the dance floor. Fiddling with it just slightly can change the volume from pretty much nil to full - with lots of pretty scratching sounds in between. The joys of cheap equipment.

Sunday I did the usual show. It was a reasonably good night. The big event of the evening was the return of dwo. We had a new singer for most of the evening - Isaac - who was a quite decent singer, picked interesting songs, and was, I'm told, quite attractive. I hope he'll be back. I ran for 6 rounds - I forget exactly when I finished.

After packing up all the stuff, I headed over to supersniffles's place for some company and quite tasty chicken stir-fry. I would have stayed longer, but I started conking out - so it was time to head home and try to sleep, which I did after only a couple of laserdisc capture cycles.

Monday afternoon, timenchanter decided he was hungry on his way out from work, so we went and had a nice meal at the Oakridge Cheesecake Factory. Then I reloaded all the pieces in the car, and made my way to the Monday show, which was a lot busier than usual. We had a few new people, as well as the return of Vince V., who hung out until the close of the show. I believe that ran for 8 rounds. I finished up the last one pretty much at 2:00am.

After packing up this time, I was feeling a little antisocial, so I went and had supper at the Mini Gourmet. That was amusing - the kitchen was closed, and I was the only customer, so the waitress and I brainstormed about what she could fix me. Definitely the best sandwich I've had there.

Then home, some more LD capture, and sweet oblivion. I woke up today just a little before noon, in enough time to get ready to pick up Timmie at the mechanic's. We had a quick lunch at TK Noodle, then I took him back to work. We in fact got back from my picking him back up at work about half an hour ago - it's about time to go get his car.

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