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"She"s & Rachells & Shows, Oh My!

"She" is definitely back.  I kept on being woken up over some thing or another that she needed, and she was running Mena ragged over cleaning the downstairs.

Not all of this is bad.  The lower floor of this building looks like grass could spring up in the carpet at any minute.

According to stormmonkey, she's also been eating Rachell's food.  And Rachell is up in arms because she let the dog out.  Well, more precisely, she left the front door open for a little bit while getting her stuff out of my trunk, and the dog ran for it.

There's also a question of DVDs.  "She" says she has one of Rachell's, Rachell says "She" has several of hers.  Joy.

Escaped the house, went to get my estimate of how much this minor dent is going to cost CSAA.  A lot, as it turns out.

Then hung around timenchanter's office for a bit as he finished up, and ate at the White Lotus - a vegetarian place downtown.  Not too bad.

And ended up at the show an hour early.  Much better than the previous day's alternative.  Tried to see what was wrong with the player, to discover it's working perfectly.  Weird, but I can't complain.

Up until 8:00, there was no-one in the bar but myself, bluize, and some guy.  Around 8:00 nikari and Justin S. wander in.  The upshot is that I didn't really start the show until a little after 8:30, as more people trickled in.  We just sang a bunch of practice songs - sort of a self-suicide.

The show proper was mellow, but a lot of fun.  And now I'm home, nodding off in my chair.  Bed now, I think.

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