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No Place Like Home

Yesterday was, on the whole, fairly uneventful. Debbie was still feeling under the weather, and I was still feeling pretty lethargic, so timenchanter and I stayed at her place and hung out.

So while we didn't go out and see the (rainy) city, we did get to bask in the presence of the Empress.

Timmie left the apartment at one point to brave the wilds of "down to the corner" to get us all some United Chicken. I hadn't actually had the chicken itself before - good stuff.

Around about 3:00pm, we gathered up our things, said our goodbyes, and headed to JFK. Timmie and electrichobbit are right: The LIRR is much more convenient and considerably faster.

In any case, we arrived at the airport in plenty of time (for a change), which was good, since I didn't follow the TSA rituals properly, and put both my shoes and my phone in the same bin as my laptop. Apparently shoes make it more difficult to determine if the laptop is actually an incendiary device or not. Or vice-versa. It wasn't clear, except in the end they only ran wipes off the laptop through the bomb sniffer. Of course, they also re-ran my briefcase through the x-ray machine, despite it having gone through properly the first time.

Have I ever mentioned how amazingly useless I find the TSA checkpoints and procedures? As far as I can tell, they do a great job of preventing honest passengers from absent-mindedly taking a grenade onto the plane - which is, granted, a good thing - but would have almost no effect on an intelligent and determined terrorist.

Ah well. At least I don't have to strip completely naked for them. Yet.

The flight was fairly uneventful, apart from getting a headache watching way too much Mythbusters and History Channel. We landed early, got our bags rapidly, and were swooshed away home by the wonderful misswong77.

Where we both crawled into our respective beds and were asleep fairly promptly.

I was up early enough today to make it to lunch with Timmie at ThepThai, and grabbed some DryEl stuff on the way home. I've been doing laundry all day, and have started on the "Dry Clean Only" clothing. I have a host of interesting projects I need to work on, and energy with which to attack them, so I assume I'm hiding other, more unpleasant tasks from myself.

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