Bruce (kor27) wrote,


After timenchanter and electrichobbit showed up Saturday night, we headed out in search of food, which we found at the Riviera Cafe right across from the Duplex. This was somewhere around 1:00am local time - they closed down the kitchen shortly after we ordered.

Then we went back to the apartment and conked out.

Sunday, we started the day by heading to H&H Bagels, getting some liquids at Starbucks, then having a long leisurely walk through Central Park. This may sound familiar, but this time it was Timmie, Mark, and myself, making the dynamic just a teensy bit different.

Then we broke the pattern and headed to the MOMA for a marathon session of art viewing. This was great stuff, but as usual, exhausting. After a few hours my brain won't take any more input.

Debbie was still doing her mega work day, so we decided on some light tapas at La Paella. Yummy.

Around then we heard that Debbie wasn't going to be able to get free until around 9:00pm, so we headed to Union Square with the thought of finding a coffeeshop to hang out in until she was. What we found was a shoe place where Timmie bought himself a non-squeaking pair of shoes, and then spent a few hours at the Coffee Shop. I started out with a hot chocolate with a shot of peppermint schnapps. We were sitting at the bar (and the bartender was extremely cute), so I ordered a Jack&Coke after I was through with the hot chocolate. Within the next hour or so I had two more.

The last one Timmie insisted on buying for me. He apparently felt like drinking vicariously.

Debbie showed up, and we headed for an extremely good Cuban restaurant. I'd list it, but by that point I was beyond noting names. Great stuff. It was pointed out that I had to try the mojitos, so I did, much to the consternation of my liver.

From there we walked (OK, it was more of a stumble for me) to the Magnolia Bakery, where we snagged some cupcakes and cake, then taxied our way back to the apartment to snarf them down.

They're every bit as good as advertised.

Then we all just hung out for a while, before everybody else went to bed. I should myself, but I wanted to write all of this down first. With any luck it'll be comprehensible in the morning...

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