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New Yawk

After an hour or so wait for debbie says hi!

As I was saying - after an hour or so wait, I got my luggage, then slowly made my way to Harlem. I only made a couple of mistakes - the only really embarrassing one being getting on the terminal loop train again, and only noticing when I came back to my original terminal.

Ah well.

I got to Debbie's around 11:00am, and we headed out into the wilds of Manhattan, grabbing a bagel at H&H and some liquid at Starbucks, then off for a long leisurely walk through Central Park.

We then debbie says hi again!


We then walked to Times Square, looked at some (stratospheric) show prices, did some shopping, then headed back to the apartment, and a long nap.

I'm now showered, and feeling quite a bit more presentable. We've also gone through cekyr0's Black&Blue pictures, which killed an hour or so.

timenchanter and electrichobbit should be here soon. We'll likely go and grab some food, while Debbie tries to get some sleep before her marathon workday tomorrow.

Heh heh. I can hug Debbie anytime I wa-ant!

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