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Notes From the Air

The flight actually took off at 12:20am. It was supposed to take off at 10:45pm, but the general mood was grateful - everyone was wondering if it would be cancelled.

I'm sitting next to this really adorable couple. Very nice, too. I'm somewhat curious where they're from - they have slightly unusual skin tone and facial features.

Of course, I'm just sitting over here in my shy little shell, and probably seem like a bit of an asshole. Ah well.

I got a window seat so I'd be able to see what little of the trip was going to be in light. I of course forgot that they insist that all window shades be kept shut for the comfort of sleeping passengers.

I have a nice pair of noise-cancelling earphones. The active cancelling is impressive. They're the old cup style, which means they're impressive in another way: After several hours, they make an extremely effective pair of ear saunas as well.

At one point, I couldn't take it any more, tore off the headphones (plunging myself into a maelstrom of noise), took off my glasses, and conked out almost immediately.

What woke me up was the sensation and sound of my glasses hitting the floor.

What followed would have been entertaining to anyone watching, as I tried to (1) find out where they were without having them on (good thing neither the floor, my shoes, or my briefcase is very reflective), then (2) tried to reach them, hampered by the seat in front of me and my gut.

Luckily one of arms was sticking up...

I'm getting caught up on my videos, which is cool. I'm curious if Mary J. actually rides that motorcycle. It's generally not a good idea to ride something that's too heavy to set upright.

The plane's on its final approach, and I'm looking down at the Atlantic. Man it's windy down there - I can see plumes of spray traveling hundreds of feet off the whitecaps.

And further inland we have iced-over waterways. Toto, I don't think we're in California anymore....

A slightly bumpy landing, with a cute little side-slip that just might have something to do with the ice on the runway.

But we're here, so I'll post this and get on with my morning.

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