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This Is Not My Beautiful House...

I made it to the bar a teensy bit late last night, but not enough to cause a problem. I was, in fact, capable of starting on time - but I only had 3 singers signed up. So I played Dr. Tran, then shrugged and started the show.

The first round was 3 people, the second was around 7, and the third was 15. Then it took off.

In the end, last night was quite a busy night - mostly because it was both Steve C.'s and Rick's birthday. Quite a few people - and quite a few new people. B.J. brought an absolutely wonderful singer named Jamal, and an even better one named Mariah. Or Sheila. They didn't seem to be able to make up their minds on her name.

By the time the dust settled at 2:00am, I had almost run for 6 rounds.

After closing, I went to supersniffles's, where we hung out, and she fed me some yummy chicken and rice.

Then home, some fiddling about with the PC karaoke setup, and, come 8:00am, sleep. I woke up in the afternoon, to find a lot of my stuff was in the wrong place, and to notice that a number of things that I normally did hadn't been done for at least 3 days.

It's one of the weirder aspects of my kind. Every now and then, something disappears, or is in the completely wrong place. Something done yesterday has obviously not been done for quite some time. It's occasionally spooky. One does many things in a somewhat ritualistic manner just to try to ensure they get done - or at least so one can find one's watch when one wakes up. But it breaks down now and again. Ah well.

I got out of the house around 4:30pm, mostly because I had yet another item to pick up at SVC, as well as a piece of mail that was mildly urgent to drop off at the Lundy station.

It's bad. They now know my face at SVC. I think I may be a PC aftermarket addict.

I made it to today's CCF a few minutes late, but nothing serious. Today was misswong77 (of course), yammylee, Chris, entropyca, timenchanter, and myself. It was a good time, as always, even if we had the worst waitress I've seen at the place. At least she was cute...

Afterwards, Timmie, Bjorn, and I wandered Valley Fair for a little while before they took off. I ended up going back and doing a bit more wandering - at least until I found a bathroom.

Then off to Rick's birthday party at moahb's place. Fun group - plus the first time I've had rhubarb pie in a couple of decades.

Around 10:30pm, I left there, and headed to the bar. Nemesis is still a little slow, but it's a nice environment - not to mention the joy of getting pounced on by ajayav.

I'll probably be here until close, then head back home to install my new, quieter CPU cooler.

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