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Geek Validation

I didn't make it to Splash last night.

I did, however, make it over to supersniffles's place at midnight, and hung out with her, synkitty, and Tara, who is being a remarkably well-behaved baby.

Somewhere I read a quote that all babies look like Winston Churchill. Tara is no exception.

I just hung out, talked, and gave Cindi a backrub while she dealt with various levels of BayCon drama.

Towards 2:00am, I was starting to feel a little woozy, so I headed home to the XP war zone.

I believe I've finally licked it, after 3 installs and 7 disk reformats. I especially enjoyed the initial "BIOS can only find a bootable hard drive if the XP install CD is loaded" bit.

Of course, then there's the time spent installing and updating things, including the Ginsu knife ad that is XP update ("You've installed all available updates - but wait! There's more!").

Then the time spent fixing stuff broken by the updates ("I run what to get rid of the welcome screen?").

In the end, I crawled into bed around 8:00am. I woke up at 1:30pm, but I'm aimin' to make up for that.

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