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A Bit Here, A Bit There...

I just kind of hung out in my room until around 10:00pm last night, not really doing much in a positive direction, until I decided to go spend some time around other humans - and food.

This coalesced into a decision to head to the Oakridge Cheesecake Factory. As I headed out, I gave kshandra a last-minute text, asking if she'd be interested. She was, so we had ourselves a pleasant little dinner in a nice environment.

OK, it's the Cheesecake Factory. The size of the dinner was more like "ginormous." We did skip the clam chowder because, well, they were out. And the artichoke chicken soup they had to replace it was nothing to write home about.

After that, I decided to see how Nemesis was doing. It was... OK. Kind of a slow night at the bar. Apparently there were a couple of large competing events in the Industrial world last night.

Still, had fun hanging out, and also talked to Michelle about doing stuff with the photo gallery. Apparently Heather has some pictures, too, though I didn't talk to her too much about it.

I also had Ray ask if I could get a couple of Spanish songs for the karaoke collection. I'm looking into that. It's a fairly large hole in the collection - the only fully Spanish song I've got is "Oye Como Va."

Then home, and some random fiddling about. I've finally added all the doodads to the karaoke PC proper. Well, maybe all of them. I've been reading up on the installation documentation, and a disturbing amount of it talks about saving drivers on floppies. That would, um, require the addition of a floppy drive. Which just seems silly in this day and age, especially when I've got a CD-ROM and four removable hard drives...

And some sleep. I actually slept this morning. Good thing, that. The present task is to get myself up and ready, so I can visit the parents. It's been four weeks since I stopped going due to actual or potential sickness.

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