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Didn't do a whole hell of a lot last night. I did fiddle with Black Mag some (my desktop). The mouse thing just turned out to be a distance problem. On the other hand, while I've installed a new slot fan, and a new SATA removable drive, the card reader seems to be kaput. Ah well.

Otherwise, apart from a short visit to Hydra, Wednesday night and most of Thursday was a matter of drifting in and out of sleep, both in my chair and a short stint in bed.

It's been the first night I've been able to sleep without the help of Nyquil, which is a very good thing. The symptoms are finally starting to fade.

I met with my real estate agent today, and signed a couple more offers on the place. Apparently we'll have something similar to an auction when all is said and done.

I accompanied timenchanter to a doctor's appointment, then we treated ourselves to dinner at P.F. Chang's.

We ended up at the bar rather early tonight, for various reasons. This worked out well - cekyr0 and jeffercine were already here. It's been quite a busy night. In many ways, I'm still not finished with the first round.

A whole bunch of nifty people are here, including princesskiti22. misswong77 even graced us with her presence. I'm certainly having a good time.

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