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Not a lot to say. I finally got the B&B flier up. The main entertainment there was that I couldn't handle a misspelling ("bennefitting") and so played with The GIMP for a bit to correct it. Not too badly, either - though there are things I'd do differently if I played with it again.

That's been about it for actual productivity. Well, I've had my teeth cleaned, which is always incredibly pleasant.

I decided to find out what Wasabi was like. Not incredibly impressed. I realize miso soup isn't the tastiest thing on the planet, but somehow they managed to make it almost completely flavorless.

At least a couple of people have tried uploading pictures to the site. Only one has done so successfully, though she put them in the wrong place, deleted them, and then apparently gave up. It appears my instructional skills are rather lacking. Or the Gallery interface. Most likely both.

And that's the people that were able to get the email. Yahoo seriously doesn't like the bar's email address or server, for some reason.

I managed to do a couple of loads of laundry. And now I'm doing another. Mischa has been hanging out in my room of late, and decided that the nice clean pile of clothes needed... something extra.

I realize that my purple peasant shirt isn't historically correct, but I didn't know the damn cat was a costume nazi.

Meanwhile my desktop just decided to stop recognizing my wireless mouse. The fun just never ends. And yes, I tried a new set of batteries.

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