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Minor Things

I got a little more done on the PC case yesterday - including locating a place that had the necessary 12V extender. I'd recommend Silicon Valley Compucycle for quite an array of PC odds and ends. They're web sales only, but allow for will call pickup, which cuts out the shipping costs.

timenchanter and I got ourselves some dinner at Popeye's, then made our way to the bar.

Sunday was a very slow night. Much like tonight, actually. I ran for about 8 rounds. Of course, by contrast, I just started round 7 for tonight. Methinks I'm going to run out of chart tonight - I only have 12 columns...

Still, good times, apart from partially losing my voice. The hot pot continues to be extremely useful...

After Sunday's show, I carted an extremely tired Timmie home (This insomnia thing is killing him), and promptly conked out myself in my chair. I dreamt of painful necks.

Today involved more rest, and a little minor shopping - more tea, and a couple of video items at Nerdvana (Milpitas branch). I got to the bar in time to actually do a little debug. The noise is apparently not being inserted by my distribution amplifier - the next is to see if it's in the player source, or the RF modulator.

Anyway, back to work.

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