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Looking back...

Thursday night, while a reasonably fun night, was, well, odd. I think I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out what Hydra had done to the video setup. Apparently I did OK - the output now looks pretty good. Of course, not injecting an amplified noise signal into the channel will improve things.

While I was in the middle of trying to figure all of that out, blankreloaded pulled his usual 8-year-old "scream 'Hi!' at the top of your lungs" thing. I could tell I was already aggravated - I came this close to knocking his ass into the closet...

Ah well.

All that notwithstanding, I started the show only about 10 minutes late. The first three rounds were just four people - myself, sugarbare, Casey, and timenchanter. At the fourth round, people actually started to come in, and it got pretty busy for a couple of rounds, then died off again around midnight. I don't remember how many total rotations I did for the night. I know it didn't quite fit on my chart. I closed down somewhere around 1:45am.

I ran a little late because I wanted to get supersniffles one more song, and we had a group of semi-gay, pseudo-cowboys who were drinking up a storm that wanted to sing.

In the meantime, I got to enjoy trying to sing and announce with a pair of completely closed-off sinuses. I haven't actually felt sick for several days, but unfortunately, I can't seem to get the message through to my sinuses, which are still at maximum production. So I sound like I'm at death's door, with the periodic racking tuberculoid cough of doom.

After the show, I decompressed at Carrow's, then headed home, supposedly to sleep. Right after consuming a dose of Nyquil, I suddenly decided to start putting the PC parts together. About the time I decided to quit playing around, largely since I needed to get other pieces (why the hell build a power supply with a 12V ATX connector that short?), it was about 11:00am.

I debated going out and getting what I needed, but had the unusually wise realization that I'd probably drive straight into a tree. So I did a little maintenance stuff on eBay, then dozed off in my chair for a few hours.

Around about 3:30pm, I roused myself, cleaned up, then first went off to Office Depot, where I got myself a labeler. There are 4 removable HDs in this setup I'm working on, and it would be nice to have something on the cases saying which one is which. Then I picked up kshandra, and headed to CCF.

CCF had a nice turnout this time. misswong77 (of course), withopeneyes21 (who I hadn't met before), entropyca, deekers, Seth H. (the Luddite), Kirsten and myself. A really good time that would have been better if I hadn't had so much gunk in my ears and nose that I couldn't properly hear or talk. But hey. I still managed to pun Kirsten so badly that she's going to suggest it as a product slogan.

After dinner, I dragged Kirsten off to Central Computer. Which closed as I drove up. So I dragged the poor girl off to Nerdvana, Campbell branch, instead. Which didn't have what I needed, but at least satisfied that techie urge to return to the source and geek.

I should have taken a picture there - they had a "Valentine's special" end-cap display of pepper spray. All I could think was "gifts from the thoughtful stalker"...

From there we headed to the 9:00pm showing of the Animation Show, which was most definitely awesome. It was also in the California Theatre. I didn't even know the place was there - and it's beautiful.

We ended up sitting in front of the officially non-updating sunyata__. She was weirded out by seeing me in a context that didn't involve karaoke...

After the show, I took Kirsten home, then, since I hadn't had enough punishment, went off to the bar for some Nemesis. I can't say I was the most socially active while there, for some reason. Still, got to say hi to Timmie, Lizz, and hektikat, and had a good conversation with both thebatt and wavewarrior. His legal issues are finally over, thank goodness.

I also turned out to be the only person there who could figure out the polarity on a zapped breaker, so Paula was able to continue working in the back room without having to use a flashlight.

I left a little early, and pretty much just went to bed. For a little while, at least.

Now it's another day - hopefully a little less crazy, this time. I've got to decide if I'm going to my parents'. I'm sure I'm no longer contagious, but I'm tired. On the other hand, it's been three weeks...

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