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Much With The Sleepy

I'd say I haven't gotten anything done today, but I did deal with a few eBay customer problems, and I have opened up a couple of delivered packages.

The weight of the PC case package kinda scared me, but it's not so bad once all the cardboard is removed. It's still kinda amusing that I'm insisting on a fair complement of high-quality audio gear. There's a lot of people out there just doing karaoke from their laptops. But hey, I can at least expect to get a reasonable amount of exercise out of this.

Otherwise, it's been a day of dozing. I'm not really sick anymore, but it takes up to a week sometimes to convince the sinuses of that. Such is life.

I've got most of my vocal range, at least as long as I keep the concrete coughed out of my lungs, so tonight shouldn't be too bad. I just need to get myself through a shower, wake up timenchanter, manage something quick about dinner, then go and find out what Club Hydra did to the new player setup last night. Well, and do tonight's show, of course.

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