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December 2020
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Bruce [userpic]

So I've slept some - about 7 hours Wednesday morning, and some dozing Wednesday afternoon

I had a nice lunch with timenchanter.

The mail order stuff has started to arrive. I have my own speakers for the first time in something like 4 years, and a battery for my laptop that should last longer than 30 minutes.

Around 5:00pm, I headed up to Mountain View and picked up Stuart.

A very fun evening. We headed up to Orinda, picked up Bernie and Annelyse, and had a nice relaxed dinner.

Well, relaxed apart from the amount of time I spent on the phone trying to talk the people at the bar through installing the new VCR/DVD player (dwo: "Ahem").

I hadn't seen the kids in ages. They both seem to be doing quite well. In fact Bernie's band is apparently getting a reasonable number of paying gigs, which is even more impressive when you realize they only do instrumentals.

Then back down to Mountain View. I dropped of Stuart and his new toy (He just got himself a shiny MacBook Pro), and headed to the bar.

It's been nice. We have quite a decent crowd, and I've definitely enjoyed both the Campari and some of the eye candy.

But I should head home soon, and do some more of that "sleep" thing.

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Mood: cheerfulcheerful

what is this world coming to, when you can't rely on the unreliable to remain so. :p

Dashed unreliably reliable of him!

The nerve!

i'll find a way to pay you without actually making an appearance at the bar. maybe casey can pay you, since he owes me $30.00 that he borrowed in july for drinks. nah, he's probably forgotten it by now. i'll figure something out. ;)