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Last night's show stayed remarkably busy for a fairly long time. I don't know how much the bar made, but if it didn't do well, then there's no hope.

It did die down around 1:00am, so I was able to fit in a total of 6 rounds before closing, mostly so supersniffles could get in a reasonable number of songs.

I then rather unintentionally shifted into "torture Lily" mode. Paula had left Lily in charge, so she couldn't leave until I did. And I had stuff to do. I polished a couple of discs that skipped - and played them to make sure they were OK. I played a couple of older "Les Miz" songs to verify if they were duets or not. That got Eddie and timenchanter involved, so they convinced me to play more from the new "Les Miz" disc.

I also did yet another stage in the video debug process.

Then, as Eddie headed out the door, she learned I was going to install the new CD player. While she wasn't exactly loud, she wasn't pleased. But decided that napping in a booth was preferable to confronting Paula with news that the player hadn't been installed...

I didn't actually take too long, though I was entertained in the project by Timmie, who had decided to nap on his back in the middle of the dance floor.

It was just a little before 3:00am when Timmie and I left. We decided we were hungry, stopped off at Denny's, then headed home.

I had declared that I was going to get up early and get the car to the shop. I, uh, didn't. By the time 8:00am rolled around, I'd kinda seized up.

Today seems to have been mild fever day.

Even so, it's not been the least productive day. I've set up a prepay account with my supplier, sent in a rebate form, gotten a new prescription and ordered new glasses (Yay! Ones without the coating stripping off!), shopped at Costco with Timmie, and wandered around feeling like I actually wasn't where I appeared I was.

'Round about 8:30pm, I finally decided I really wanted some data from the bar in order to work on the PC karaoke project. So I took my mildly feverish self out (I don't actually know. All I have is a forehead strip, which indicated I was somewhere between 98.6 and 100.6. So it's not exactly bad) and headed to the bar.

There I discovered that lynxcat had something akin to an orgasm when he saw the new deck. We apparently done good. "We" including Alan, in this case, since he found the thing.

I made my measurements, grabbed some discs to check on with rippers, and headed home.

With a quick stop on the way for Nyquil.

I'm gonna try for the car thing again in the morning. In the meantime, I'll try not to get myself in too much trouble.

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