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The last 24 hours have been kind of a blur. Some of that is the fact that I'm doing a blitzkrieg of bills and maintenance. Some of it is likely a fever.

Right at the moment, a certain amount has to do with the Jack&Cokes.

It's been an... unusual night at the bar. There was hardly anybody here when I got here at 7:35pm. By the time I set up - just about on time, at 8:30pm - there was still hardly anyone here.

So I (finally) connected my laptop to the video system, and started showing random videos - starting with "Shoes", of course.

After timenchanter and Heather put in songs, I had 4 singers, so I started - at about 9:15pm. That was the first round.

The second was 24 people.

I don't even know who half of these people are. I suspect many of them are here from an event at the Billy De Frank, but I really don't know. One way or another - they're mostly pretty nice people, so it's fine by me.

My home desktop is now a CDG player, after an upgrade to the disc player, and the purchase of a "professional" player for the PC. Which player kept locking up. If I'm going to do a PC-based system, I think I'll have to look elsewhere.

Meanwhile, after this crowd evaporates (I mean, it's not even cold in here), I get to install the bar's new CD player. Hopefully I can do some video debug at the same time...

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