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Last night's show continued quite well until the end. Not only was it nice having a reasonable crowd there (for one thing, it kept me from getting too cold), but it was a fun crowd.

People were cheering the singers, singing along, dancing, and generally participating.

I closed a couple of minutes before 2:00am, about halfway through the 5th round.

This was the last time for a long time that we'll be seeing synkitty. It was her birthday, but it's also getting very close to her daughter's birthday. There was some question about whether her contractions were getting close enough together to warrant taking her to the hospital. Shelly and misdev took her home around midnight.

After the show, I played random Dreamgirls and Spamalot tracks while we all shut the place down.

Then I carted Jasmine, kshandra and timenchanter home.

I don't know when I got to sleep. The cold is still being a bother, and has moved to the beginnings of the sore throat stage. So far all stages have been mild, especially compared to what I've seen around, so it seems the Airborne is doing its thing.

Today, Timmie took me out to Aqui for lunch. We were going to be looking at a couple of properties for pjdorian, but he got called off to work on other projects, so he took me home.

Mena was supposed to bring the $20 computer ransom by, but I haven't seen or heard from her. Big surprise.

I've been making a little progress on setting up the photo gallery for the KoC website. It's kind of a standard exercise in open source software: They've made it extremely configurable, but all in source code, and the documentation is all partial.

Anyway. Off to the bar for suicide!

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