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I never did make it to Costco. So I went to Albertson's instead, got some overpriced Airborne and a whole bunch of Punjabi mix.

That last I somewhat regretted this morning. The spice may keep my sinuses feeling normal, but large quantities of the stuff are havoc on the digestive system. 'Nuff said.

Apart from a visit to TK Noodle for dinner, and supper at the Cardinal with timenchanter, that's pretty much all of Saturday.

I got up Sunday around 10:00am, mostly because of the aforementioned Punjabi mix.

Even with that, I was somewhat late getting ready to head to Oliver! - though it felt better that I, at least, remembered it. Timmie had to hustle to get ready, and we were pretty much at the last minute to make it into the show.

It was nice seeing trivialt on stage - and hanging around with him afterward. Not to mention seeing filmbuf104 after quite some time.

I left Timmie with Stan, and headed back down to south San Jo to meet up with kshandra. On the way, I realized that my cash was supposedly down to less than $50, so maybe counting it would be a good idea. Though, in retrospect, counting it on the freeway may have been less than wise.

Whatever, I survived, people around me survived, and I discovered that I only actually had $14.54 on me.

So Kirsten and I dined at fabulous Arby's before heading up to the bar.

It's been nice up here so far. We've got a good group - Jasmine's here for synkitty's birthday, chargerboy's here with his mom, misswong77 and the lovely lilminxdynasty are here, cekyr0 and jeffercine are here, and supersniffles and princesskiti22 just arrived.

The projector bulb is, indeed, toast, but it looks like a natural death. One can only gripe so much, though, ya know?

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