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I suspected, yesterday, that the problem with my phone was simply that I hadn't paid it.

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough money in my bank account to cover it. I did have enough cash, but couldn't seem to find a recent bill. So I ran up to the bank, deposited some cash, then came back down to the house to find that SBC's online payment system had just gone down.

So I chatted with their support people, who told me that, indeed, the service had been cut off.

One phone call later (to someone who assured me I could have done this over the web), and everything was back to normal.

I had my web again. I was complete.

In the meantime, I finally got myself to shoot off an attempt to kill my old life insurance coverage. We'll see if anything happens there.

Oh - and my replacement watchband finally arrived! I'm not walking around with a watchband held together with Krazy Glue any more! Now I just need to figure out how to reduce the scratches in the crystal...

After that, it was getting close to time to head to misswong77's. timenchanter and I headed out, grabbed some dinner, grabbed some snacks, then made our way to the Wong house.

Where we had a fantastic time playing Apples to Apples and 90s Trivial Pursuit. k_magic trounced us all in Apples to Apples, while spondee, Seth H. and I ruled at Trivial Pursuit. It appears that all three of us together make one very trivial person.

What with that, and random talking, it was around 1:00am before Timmie and I left. We got home, and I finally decided to admit it. I'm sick. I've been trying to stave off this damn thing through a combination of vitamin C and denial, but it's undeniable. Stuffed sinuses, unproductive cough, mildly sore throat: I've got it all. Not too seriously as of yet, but enough that even with NyQuil, it was impossible for me to get to sleep before around 7:00am.

I woke back up about 2:40pm this afternoon, and called my parents to tell them I wouldn't make it up there.

Right now, I need to get off my ass and make it to Costco before they close. I'm out of Airborne, and whether it's a miracle or not, it does make me feel better. So does Punjabi mix, so I may drop by Albertson's and get me some more of that. Capsaicin is a good thing. Pho sounds like a bright idea right now, too...

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