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Last night was a pretty good night. It was nice to have a reasonable crowd at the place. It certainly wasn't what we've had in the past, but there were at least enough people in the bar so that I could work comfortably with my jacket off for a couple of hours.

While the second rotation was quite long, in the end I was able to fit five in before closing at 1:55am.

Both synkitty and misdev came out, with, as far as I could tell, a complete lack of drama, which was nice. Devon also brought another friend - a girl named Shelly with a quite pleasant voice.

Though poor qzar_mystik ended up with very little of a voice left by the end of the night, largely due to Synthia and Shelly grabbing him for Rent duets.

princesskiti22 brought her lovely self out again, with a declaration that she was going to leave early, since she was going to be opening in the morning. Her social butterflyness left the bar somewhere around 1:45am.

Definitely a good night.

Especially since I won't talk about the continuing video noise saga. At all. Nope. Nothing to see there, just move along.

After the show, Paula started going on about photo galleries again - especially people offering various free hosting solutions. I have a hard time explaining that we have a photo gallery, it's just a matter of integrating it stylistically. So I've upped the priority on the gallery, and spent some time uploading pictures last night.

After shutting down, I did a Denny's run with Andrew, spawrhawk, Seth H., and Synthia. Then home, the photo gallery stuff, and a bit of sleep.

I've been having more serious cold symptoms lately - in fact I woke up after just a few hours of sleep with some fairly bad congestion. Oddly enough, it seems to get much better every time I take Airborne, so that's what I've been doing. I feel OK now...

I also woke up to a lack of internet. It appears that my firewall can't connect out. More specifically, it can connect, but not authenticate. Either the phone's been semi-disconnected (though outgoing calls work fine), or more likely I got the 'net service cut off when I reduced features on the phone. I'll be running out in a bit to pay the overdue part of the bill, then see what I can do about getting my connection back.

Meanwhile, Mario's guys have shown up to take out his heavy equipment. The garage will be all mine, finally, in an hour or so.

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