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Well, Some Things Work...

I got to the bar last night just before 7:00pm. Paula already had the door open, so I started hooking stuff up. Adding the amp made the screens better, but still swimming a bit. Removing the filtration I'd previously put in cleaned that up - and apparently, with the amp in place, the huge 60Hz hum fed back through to the main mixer went away.

I still have something going on with my equipment, but that's a noise for another day. At least the signal's legible...

I played most of the first season of Invader Zim over the length of the evening, both with sound and without (It was Temptation after all). I discovered I was short a couple of coax cables, and had to do a (hopefully last) Radio Shack run.

The antique Zenith has also been set up successfully. It's nice when things work.

Otherwise, a lot of the night was spent sitting at the bar, working on minor bar website stuff - I hadn't ever gotten around to doing the handheld view. That still needs tweaking, but is at least readable now (on mine).

Of course, one of the standard view pages went weird on FireFox. I still don't know why. The change I made that "fixed" it should have no effect whatsoever. It's likely, therefore, that something is wrong somewhere in my code, but it's not making itself obvious.

HTML/CSS coding is a joy forever.

For the length of most of the evening there was nobody in the bar. Around 11:00pm, I got a call from trivialt, who wanted to unwind with some company. So he paid for my dinner at Denny's, while we talked until a bit after midnight.

I headed back to the bar (I needed my DVD, and wanted to talk to Paula), to find something like 8 customers in the bar. It really seems that on Tuesdays, they don't show up while I'm there.

So, anyway, things are sorta good. I've got a bizarre money issue that I can't really talk about publicly, and am trying to deal with that. I also have a bill that needs to be postmarked today before Dinner &. So I should probably get my ass in gear and get showered...

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