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Mild Overload

I was late getting to the bar last night.

Through bullheadedness this time. It took forever to enter the latest disc, because, as a purist, I wanted to enter the actual song title for each show, while Music Maestro had just printed the show title. So I researched 20 TV show themes.

By that point it was late, but I also wanted to get video parts at Radio Shack. So I researched one near my route, found my way there, looked through the (overpriced) parts they had, picked them, and then stood in line behind an elderly Japanese tourist who couldn't figure out how to use the debit card terminal.

I got to the bar at something like 7:55pm, meaning I didn't need the parts right then. D'Oh!

timenchanter had fortunately done a lot of the setup, so I managed to rush through, get everyone signed up, pick songs, and get started by just a little after 8:15pm.

It was already a nice crowd. jeffercine was bartending, and cekyr0 was there to hang out with his baby, so things looked pretty good from right there. supersniffles and firestrike were not only there early, but stayed all night.

She didn't quite get thiiiiiiiiiis drunk, but managed to get close.

mvmedic showed up for a little bit, after long absence. misdev was there for most of the night, also after a long absence. She also got her friend Amanda to sing.

I definitely had a good time. I was in a bit of a fey song selection mood, so I had a fairly bad first song success rate. For kizmet100 and Steve, I had a pretty lousy second and third song success rate, too. But hey - I didn't mind. I was in a fey song selection mood!

I was also damn tired by the end of the night (7 rounds ending at around 1:45am), so I didn't play with the video then, either. Besides, Paula, though there, was still sick, and not really interested in hanging out while I fiddled with things.

So I'm heading back tonight.

Today has been busy in a number of odd ways. I ordered a new CD deck for Paula, which involved a certain amount of back-and-forth with both her and Wayne. I've been dealing with a minor barrage of messages of various types, including a couple of people that want to do parties at the bar. In fact, future parties was kind of a general subject.

With that, people walking through the place, general phone calls, paperwork, and trying to make sense of some legal advice, I've been quite the little multitasker. At least in that I have multiple tasks that still aren't quite finished.

Ah well. Time to get myself together, and head back to the bar.

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