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Death of 1000 Papercuts

Apart from the technical aspects, plus the fact that it was kinda low in attendance, last night's show was pretty good - the people we had seemed to be in a party mood, and we even had enough people in the room that it wasn't frigid for a while.

I believe it was the 8th round I finished just before 2:00am. It was that busy. On the other hand, princesskiti22 was there all night (supersniffles and I had a short discussion about her - mostly using variants of "hawt"), snafflekid was back from hillbilly country, Bennie came and spent some time, trivialt showed up for at least a few minutes, and a very nice couple from down the street (Shana and Daniel) discovered it was a friendly place.

And we discovered that Shana can sing. This is a good thing.

After the show, I fiddled with the video setup a bit. Not too much, because Paula has caught the flu of doom that everyone else has been getting, and wanted to go home. I got the DVD side of the combo player to work (toggling power did the trick), but still couldn't get the projector to respond. I verified the player's video out works with a spare TV, so the problem is either the projector or the cable. I'm seriously suspecting that one of the connector pins is bent or broken - I'll be checking that tonight.

That may mean rerunning a new cable, but as long as a pin isn't broken off in the connector, the solution isn't too difficult. I also managed to find a spare signal amplifier in the garage today, which will hopefully help with the noise problem.

I had another nice Thai lunch with timenchanter today, who just started his forced week's vacation. I deposited some cash today, and am taking care of a payable subset of the overdue bills. Unfortunately that's a very small subset.

Mario's picked up some more stuff from the garage, and supposedly will be back Sunday for the last of it.

A number of people are coming by to look at the house. I sincerely hope this agent can pull off the negotiations with the mortgage company.

Otherwise, it seems to be one of those times when everything breaks. My temporarily repaired watchband just snapped - and the new one is apparently so backordered that they haven't even charged me for it yet, over a month after the order. One of the backlights in my car's dashboard just failed. The amethyst in one of my rings has cracked.

I'm waiting for the next thing.

But I shouldn't be too worried. I'll likely have the bar's video setup completely working by 9:00pm, at which time Allan will take everything apart, mess it up, and I'll have to kill him.

Then the state will provide room and board.

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